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Why Do State and Local School Agencies Underinvest in Evidence? - Thomas J. Kane, Educationnext

We help educational publishers and technology companies increase their sales and improve customer satisfaction by:

Conducting research to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products.

Designing, developing and administering psychometrically and educationally sound assessments

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SEG is committed to making a measurable difference
in education by providing high-quality

research, evaluation and assessment services.

What is "The Measurable Difference?"

As many of you know, our tag line is "The Measurable Difference." We are often asked "What do we mean by 'The Measurable Difference'?"

SEG at Upcoming Conferences

We look forward to seeing you at the conferences we will be attending. We are participating in several sessions & we invite you to join us.
  • Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC), January 20-23, Orlando, FL
  • Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Conference, February 2-6, Austin, TX
  • Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference, February 8-11, Hershey, PA
If you would like to meet with a representative from SEG to discuss how we might help you with your assessment and research needs, please contact us at


  • Test Design and Development
  • Item Development and Review
  • Field Testing and Analysis
  • Psychometrics, Calibration/Scaling

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  • Program Evaluation Research
  • Effectiveness  Research
  • Research Planning and Design
  • Data Collection and Analysis

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  • Online Testing Systems Development
  • Paper to Online Testing Transition
  • Vendor Evaluation/RFP Development
  • QC/Systems Analysis


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"Without our SEG Measurement case study, we had no hope of getting Reading Performance System (RPS) off the ground. Scott worked with us to keep our initial study within our meager budget. Because of this, SEG Measurement won a lifelong customer." --  JBEdTech

"SEG ROCKS" -- Higher Education Client