Back to School August 2017

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SEGway Back to School Issue


Welcome back to the new school year. This year marks my 39th school year working in K-12 and Higher Education, and SEG Measurement's 13th year. We will continue to keep our commitment to support high quality education for all students, by providing accurate and useful assessment results and proof of product effectiveness. Together, our two primary areas of focus--assessment and efficacy research--provide a major pillar of support in providing students with instruction based on meaningful evidence and meaningful assessment results. 

On occasion, I am asked why SEG focuses on these two areas? There are several critical reasons I can share. First and foremost, it's the right thing to do. Students and their teachers have a right to instruction that works; instructional time is limited and that limited time should only be spent on proven solutions and assessments that provide worthwhile, accurate information. 

Second, good assessment and proof of effectiveness sells. Your customers and potential customers have many choices and want to make sure they are spending valuable educational dollars on effective products and assessments. They want the most "bang for the buck".

Third, we like what we do. We enjoy our interaction with publishers, technology clients and educators in the classroom. It feels right to us to be doing a good thing that is interesting and rewarding. Personally, I have to assume I enjoy research and assessment. I spent many years getting my doctorate in the area and am thrilled to be entering my 39th year in this enterprise, as SEG Measurement enters its 13th year as the latest successful incarnation of our passion.

Have a great year and please call on us to answer any questions you may have. We sincerely want to hear from you; we are happy to address your questions whether we are working with you currently or not.


Scott Elliot




 ESSA Fall 2017 Update


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires proof of effectiveness for products and services for schools. In order for schools to receive government funding (which pays for most education products and services) there must be evidence that the product or service "works".

All school improvement plans must include evidence-based interventions, aligned with the results of schools' needs assessments. 

There are four levels of evidence under ESSA. SEG Measurement has conducted studies at all four levels, as called for by ESSA. This evidence can be used to strengthen education investments, and can typically be conducted at a reasonable cost.

A Level 1, 2 or 3 evidence-based solution is mandatory if the district would like to use Section 1003 funds to purchase an intervention. Title I parent & family engagement also requires evidence-based strategies. Several provisions in ESSA allow and encourage the use of federal funds to support STEM education.

The bottom line is that we have entered an era where some level of evidence is mandatory. Spreading the word and having visible proof -- tangible upfront evidenceof academic gains and achievement -- makes it easier for your product to be selected for purchase.

Email our research experts to discuss ESSA requirements and how we can assist you with meeting the new government regulations:




Invest Now!

If you don't have proof of effectiveness for your education product, then how can you promote it? How do you know that what you are asking educators to invest their time and resources in will actually affect students' education positively?

We have just completed several effectiveness studies: an online writing tool, a reading textbook series, an after school ESL program, and an economics homework tool.

SEG Measurement assists you before, during, and after the research by sharing the success of an effectiveness study in a variety of formats -- press releases, websites, publications, radio, sales team webinars, conferences, and social media for instant leverage.

We will be presenting recent study results at the conferences listed below and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you:

·        EdNET Education Networking Conference, September 17 - 19, Scottsdale, Arizona

·        Advancing Improvement in Education Conference (AIE), October 4 - 6, San Antonio, TX

Don't under invest in evidence. Call us at 267-759-0617 ext. 102 or email us at to discuss how research can increase your company's revenue, product value, and provide insightful feedback.



Are You Back to School Ready?

Do you have districts that used your product diligently throughout last school year? Do you wish you could formally evaluate whether those students learned more than comparable students who did not use your product? Well, we have good news; it is not too late to evaluate the effectiveness of use of your product.

The performance of students using your product can be compared to the performance of comparable students who did not use your product while controlling for any initial differences, using a sound research design. In addition to the quantitative evaluation, we can also collect feedback from the teachers who have used your product during the year.

Conducting this type of post hoc evaluation of product effectiveness would allow you to have effectiveness data now rather than waiting for a new school year and losing months of sales!

Please contact us to help you plan this research at or 800-254-7670. 



 About SEG Measurement

SEG Measurement conducts technically sound product efficacy research for educational publishers, technology providers, government agencies and other educational organizations, and helps organizations build better assessments. We have been meeting the research and assessment needs of organizations since 1979. SEG Measurement is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania.