Case Study - Providing Technology Integration Professional Development for a Suburban School District

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Atomic Learning

The Challenge: 

Independent School District 197 has always prided itself on providing students with a sound, comprehensive education that enriches their lives and prepares them for their future. But like most schools, ISD 197 faces a significant technology challenge. ISD 197 recognizes that teachers are the key to developing 21st century skills in students. Therefore, they must have access to up-to-date technology and the appropriate training and technical support to take advantage of it.

The Solution: 

Margaret Hinke has been helping ISD 197 address this challenge. She is a Technology Integration Specialist with ISD 197. Margaret has been with the district for about 5 years, but provided training in the airline industry for 30 years before coming to the district. Margaret holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters degree in Instructional Design. Margaret sees the importance of technology training and how Atomic Learning can help fulfill this need."Atomic Learning provides an important bridge to ISD 197 teachers helping them get the knowledge and skills they need to reach 21st century learners." -- Margaret Hinke.