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Dear Scott,
Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas and Merry Yule!  Another year over. And a new one just begun. (John Lennon)
Thank you for helping make this past year a successful one for SEG Measurement.  Our fourth quarter was the most successful to date.  We are looking forward to jumping in on several new projects as we enter the new calendar year and continue our 13th year at SEG Measurement. In 2018, I will personally celebrate my 40th year in educational research!
This is our last issue of SEGway for 2017.  We hope you'll take a few minutes between cooking that ham, turkey, brisket or Quinoa to read the interesting articles we included.
And give us a call! We would love to talk to you about your research questions and how we can help you get the answers you need to improve your product and increase your sales.
Take a few minutes over the holiday look at our website at, to see the latest developments in the field. Email me at with any questions you have. I always look forward to hearing from you.
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Scott Elliot
SEG Measurement 

Our Holiday Wish List

There are a few things on SEG's holiday wish list.  We do look forward to the gift giving and getting, but we also have some wishes for assessment and research. 
  • First, we wish that evidence-based education would take hold in the schools.  Our children have a right to educational solutions that are based on scientific evidence and that have been proven effective through sound research.
  • Second, we wish that policy makers, school administrators and classroom educators would further embrace formative assessment.  Frequent assessment, feedback based on performance on that assessment, and tailoring of instruction based on that feedback is critical to learning success. We would like to see less reliance on high-stakes testing and more focus of ongoing, formative assessment.
  • Third,we wish for continued success for SEG Measurement, our clients and our many colleagues in the industry.  We are very excited about next year!


SEG has worked with many educational publishers and technology providers, from start-ups to the largest industry players, to develop high quality assessment programs and conduct sound efficacy research.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.  
Email or call us at 800.254.7670 ext. 102.

Technical Corner
Aligning Your Goals With The Effectiveness Research Design

With all that has been written about research designs and statistical analyses, you might be surprised to learn that the most common problem we see is a failure to make sure that the research design components are aligned with the goals of the research. 

There is no substitute for careful planning of an effectiveness study.  The first component of proper research design planning is to have a clear sense of your goals and a clear sense of what you are trying to measure.   Ask yourself, what is my product designed to achieve? If your product is designed to improve student learning, then that is what you should measure--student learning; you would certainly not want to measure student attitudes toward school or how teachers feel about the product.  Be clear on the desired outcomes, document it clearly and succinctly, and make sure you are measuring the desired outcomes.

Second, you should be clear on your purpose for the research.  Why are you conducting the study? Your choices of design, measurement, analysis, etc. will be very different if your purpose is to collect formative information for ongoing improvement of the product than if your purpose is to prove that your product is effective by looking at summative outcomes. For example, you would not want to solely conduct a post test at the conclusion of the study, if you are looking for formative information;  ongoing observation, surveys or interviews might be more aligned to your desire for ongoing improvement information. Again, state your purpose clearly and succinctly, and make sure your study is aligned with your goals.

There is far more to aligning the research design with your goals. To see how others have aligned their goals with the research questions and design, check out SEG's study summaries here on our website.

SEG Measurement can help you design your efficacy research study to maximize success under ESSA guidelines.  Call us today to find out how we can help you with your assessment and research needs.


SEG At Upcoming Conferences
Let's Meet!
We are looking forward to seeing our colleagues and meeting new friends at the upcoming conferences.  We are participating in several sessions & we invite you to join us.
 Look for us at these upcoming conferences:
  • FETC Future of Technology Conference, January 23 - 26, Orlando, FL
  • Bett, January 24 - 27, London
  • Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Annual Convention, February 5 - 9, Austin, TX
We would love to meet with you and discuss how we can help you build strong assessments and get the proof of effectiveness you need for success.  
If you would like to meet with a representative from SEG Measurement to discuss how we might help you with your assessment and research needs, please contact us at

About SEG Measurement
Building Better Assessments and Evaluating Product Efficacy
SEG Measurement conducts technically sound product efficacy research for educational publishers, technology providers, government agencies and other educational organizations, and helps organizations build better assessments. We have been meeting the research and assessment needs of organizations since 1979. SEG Measurement is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania and can be accessed on the web at