Develop and Validate an Effective Reading Assessment


National Geographic School Publishing

The Challenge: 

Student attitudes toward reading can play a significant role in the development of reading skills. SEG’s client, a large publisher of reading instructional and assessment programs, recognized the importance of student effect in the reading instructional process and asked SEG to help develop a measure of student attitudes toward reading. SEG was asked to develop and validate an effective measure of reading.

The Solution: 

SEG developed and validated an effective reading measure. SEG developed approximately 30 Likert-type statements based on the reading instructional research. Approximately 2,000 students were asked to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with each statement on a four point scale. The results were psychometrically analyzed. Only psychometrically sound items were retained. The instrument was factor analyzed to determine the dimensionality of the instrument. To validate the instrument, SEG conducted a construct validity study; the effective measure was compared to existing standardized measures of the same and different constructs.