The Effectiveness of a Developmental Reading & Writing Online Learning Digital Tool in Institutions of Higher Learning



The Challenge: 

Does Cengage Learning's Aplia, an online learning solution that that corresponds with specific Cengage textbook chapters for developmental reading and writing college students, maintain student learning interest and increase end of semester scores?

The Solution: 

MarketingWorks and SEG Measurement conducted a study of Aplia's effectiveness in developmental reading and writing classes in the fall of 2012. Over 750 students and 35 instructors at two and four year institutions of higher education were involved in a semester-long study which included interviews, biweekly feedback, qualitative and quantitative data. Students were compared in classes using Aplia vs. those not using Aplia, but with the same textbook.
In this national, semester-long study, Aplia was found to be an effective tool for improving student knowledge and skills. The results show that students in classes using Aplia showed greater growth in reading and writing knowledge and skills than students in classes that did not use Aplia