Evaluate a Web-Based Language Proficiency Assessment System


Department of Defense, DELTAB

The Challenge: 

The ability to speak a language other than English is particularly important in an increasingly global society. Along with this development has come a growing need for language proficiency assessment. SEG’s client, a provider of language proficiency testing services, saw that its volume of test takers were increasing rapidly; they planned to move to a web-based delivery system to provide increased flexibility in administration. They wanted to ensure that the delivery platform was up to the task and conducted a search for an organization to review the technology. As a leading provider of online assessment services, SEG was selected to conduct the study.

The Solution: 

SEG conducted an in depth study of both the test delivery application and the technical environment supporting the application. SEG conducted numerous interviews, reviewed documentation and conducted test simulations to review the delivery application and the hosting environment. SEG provided several critical recommendations to ensure that the move to web-based testing was successful. SEG summarized the study in a written report and presented its findings to the client.