Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Supplementary Math Skills Resource Program on Elementary School Students


Mentoring Minds

The Challenge: 

Do students that use Mentoring Minds' Motivation Math supplementary math skills program achieve do better in math than students that do not use Motivation Math?

The Solution: 

Over 300 students were included in the study across grades 3, 4, and 5. The study incorporated a pretest and posttest design with Treatment and Control Groups. The Treatment Group was composed of students in classes that used Motivation Math. The Control Group was composed of students in comparable schools that did not use Motivation Math. Students who completed both the pretest and the posttest were included in the analyses. The comparability of the pretest ability of the two groups was evaluated to ensure the posttest data could be compared. Students who used Motivation Math were found to have a higher mean posttest ability level than the students who did not use Motivation Math.