Examining the Effectiveness of Learning Management Digital Tools in Post-Secondary Education



The Challenge: 

Does Cengage Learning's CengageNOW, an online teaching and learning resource that provides instructors with learning management tools, essential class activities, and teaching and learning resources, deliver better student outcomes?

The Solution: 

MarketingWorks and SEG Measurement, two independent research firms, conducted a comprehensive study of CengageNOW’s effectiveness in the spring of 2013 using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. Pre- and posttests of the accounting knowledge and skills taught in the course were administered, and differences in end-of-course grades between CengageNOW users and non-users were examined as a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of CengageNOW. In addition, the 15 instructors and a sample of 27 students using CengageNOW provided feedback at the beginning and end of the study and bi-weekly throughout the semester. CengageNOW was found to be an effective tool for improving student knowledge and skills.