Field Test and Evaluation of an Assessment for English Language Learners in Latin America


Latin American Education Services

The Challenge: 

SEG was asked to evaluate the psychometric performance of a new assessment to be used for measuring the English language skills (specifically Listening, Reading, and Writing) of students and teachers in Latin America. Latin American Education Services wanted to be sure that the schools who used their assessments were receiving reliable and valid data regarding English language abilities of the student and teachers.

The Solution: 

SEG designed a field test administration to collect item performance data, and test reliability and validity data. Students and teachers were administered the field test as well as the Stanford 10 Achievement Test. The use of the SAT10 was to evaluate the validity of the new assessment. Using both classical and Item Response Theory, SEG evaluated the item performance and calibrated the test items. Using the performance data from the field test, SEG defined final test forms to be used for future administrations. Evidence for the reliability and validity of the assessment was provided in a technical report.