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Welcome to the March issue of SEGway!  
I am pleased to report that SEG Measurement has once again been selected for Simba Information's exclusive list of Who's Who in educational assessment.  It is an honor to be recognized by thi sleading authority for market intelligence and forecasts in the media and publishing industry.

In this issue we share our thoughts about how to quickly create a new marketing campaign using your existing data, to obtain proof of effectiveness and to boost sales.  We also share highlights from an interesting effectiveness study we completed recently.

Physical activity can play a significant role in students' education.  To that end, Go Noodle, on behalf of Cook Children's Health Care system, asked SEG to conduct a study exploring the educational impact of GoNoodle, an online movement and education program. 

"Based on the health and academic impact of GoNoodle, and feedback from teachers about the value it brings to classrooms, Cook Children's has expanded its sponsorship of GoNoodle, making it available to more than 15,000 teachers and 300,000 students in public, private and charter schools across the six county region." 
Ta ke a look at our website at , as it is frequently updated with developments in the field, and  email me at with any questions about the GoNoodle study, or how to create your own marketing campaign with an effectiveness study . I always look forward to hearing from you.
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Scott Elliot 
SEG Measurement 

Make Summer Count For Kids
Does your summer intervention truly help students learn?
"Students who attend summer programs have better outcomes than similar peers who do not attend these programs." - 
RAND Corporation
Is your product one of those that leads to positive outcomes for students attending summer programs?  How do you know?  Do you have evidence? Your customers want to know.
With an SEG Measurement summer effectiveness or pilot study, you will be able to:kids-coloring.jpg
  1. Have results for fall 2017 marketing
  2. Provide tangible proof that your product increases student achievement
  3. Have your product qualify and be ready for school buyers to purchase under ESSA requirements
  4. Stop summer learning loss by engaging students
  5. Assist students with higher learning outcomes
  6. Conduct a quick pilot study to discover any issues and make needed improvements prior to fall implementation
  7. Measure student and teacher engagement
Conducting a summer efficacy study can be a very cost effective way to obtain proof of effectiveness.  A short four to eight week summer 2017 study of your educational program can be conducted at a lower cost than studies conducted during the regular school year.  And, the results can be ready for fall marketing.
Join our growing list of clients at SEG Measurement that have benefited from a summer efficacy study.  Increase your customer base with more sales, while helping students gain critical knowledge and skills during the summer months. Be ESSA ready!
Call or email us today at 800-254-7670 ext. 102 or for a cost-effective summer efficacy study by SEG Measurement. 

Visit our website for our client list and more details at:

Powerful Evidence: In-classroom Physical Activity Studies Show Reading Scores Are Up, BMI Is Down
Kids playing GoNoodle scored 23 percent better in reading skills
SEG Measurement was asked to conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness of GoNoodle in classrooms in Texas.  For the past three years, Cook Children's Healthcare System has sponsored GoNoodle for elementary schools in the greater Fort Worth area.  Given the results of this and other evaluations, this sponsorship is continuing to expand.
"This is the most powerful evidence to date showing that classroom physical activity dramatically improves health and academic performance in students," said Larry Tubb, Senior Vice President for Cook Children's.
In this study, the standardized assessments of reading knowledge and skills of students who used GoNoodle (treatment) were compared to the reading knowledge and skills of students who did not use GoNoodle (control). The pre (prior year) and post (current year) state standardized assessments of reading skills were used as the independent measures of students' skills. Fourth and fifth grade classrooms that used GoNoodle at least twice per week throughout the 2015-2016 school year were included in the treatment group.  
Students who play GoNoodle videos at school had 23 percent greater growth in reading knowledge and skills when compared to those that did not play GoNoodle. 
We found that students using GoNoodle showed significantly greater growth in reading scores on the state assessment. The effect size for this difference was .14.  Specifically, students using GoNoodle performed 23 percent better in reading than students who did not use GoNoodle. This study confirms and expands on prior studies that support the effectiveness of GoNoodle. Students perform better on standardized assessments and teachers report the product to be very effective in meeting their needs.
"Short bursts of in-classroom physical activity with GoNoodle yield big results for schools.
Across the country we are seeing that kids perform better academically, and they are growing up healthier," said Scott McQuigg, CEO & co-founder of GoNoodle.  "These studies are strong evidence that getting students moving throughout the school day fuels kids' bodies and brains."
For a copy of the GoNoodle press release, or questions about the study, please email Cathy Mikulas at

Wishing You Had Conducted a Study This Year?
You may already have the data to evaluate effectiveness of your product
Do you have districts that have been using your product diligently throughout the school year? Do you wish you knew if these students learned more than students who did not use your product? 
We have good news! It is not too late to evaluate your product this spring, and by the beginning of the summer you will have the proof of effectiveness required by ESSA and many other federal and state financial resources used by schools and districts.
The performance of students using your product can be compared to performance of comparable students who did not use your product while controlling for any initial differences, using a sound research design. In addition to the quantitative evaluation, we can also collect feedback from the teachers who have used your product during the year.
Conducting this type of post hoc evaluation of product effectiveness would allow you to have data before the fall rather than waiting for a new school year and losing months of sales!


Call or email us today at 800-254-7670 ext. 102 or for a cost-effective efficacy study by SEG Measurement. 


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Let's Meet!
We are looking forward to seeing our colleagues and meeting new friends at the upcoming conferences.  We are participating in several sessions & we invite you to join us. 
 Look for us at these upcoming conferences:
  • CoSN 2017 Annual Conference, April 3-6, 2017, Chicago, IL
  • National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM), April 5 - 8, San Antonio, TX
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference, April 27 - May 1, San Antonio, Texas
We would love to meet with you and discuss how we can help you build strong assessments and get the proof of effectiveness you need for success.  
If you would like to meet with a representative from SEG Measurement to discuss how we might help you with your assessment and research needs, please contact us at

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