Assessment Services



SEG has helped to design, develop, and administer thousands of assessments in the educational, certification, and human resources sectors.  We look forward to helping you make your assessment program a success.   SEG offers a full range of assessment services including item and test development, test production, and psychometric services including the following:

Item and Test Development

We provide a full array of cost-effective test and item development services. We have helped design, develop and administer hundreds of assessments. SEG has worked with virtually every state, test publisher and assessment organizations to design and implement small and large-scale assessment programs.  Our services include:

  • Assessment program design
  • Content validation
  • Job analysis
  • Item development and review
  • Item alignment to state and national standards
  • Test blueprints and specifications
  • Field testing

Test Production

We are happy to help with your test production needs in order to efficiently and cleanly get your item and test materials into a testing system for online or offline delivery.  Our services include:

  • Test blueprints and specifications
  • Test construction
  • Images and media
  • Item import file creation
  • Item authoring support
  • Print and computer based testing
  • Computer adaptive testing prepartion
  • Consulting and recommendations for automated test assembly
  • Universal Design

Psychometric Services

Whether you have ongoing or project-based psychometric needs or questions, SEG is ready to help.  We can help with your planning needs, oversight of a psychometric project, or provide full service solutions.  Our psychometric services include:

  • Item analysis using Classical Test Theory or Item Response Theory
  • Job analysis
  • Content validation
  • Vertical scaling
  • Equating
  • Exam scoring
  • Essay scoring
  • Standard setting
  • Research services
  • Rater training

Marketing and Program Communications

Effective communication is critical to the success of any assessment program.  SEG can help you in the following  areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Win new business
  • Expand existing product and service lines
  • Gain program acceptance through market research and intelligence
  • Proposal development
  • Sales collateral development
  • Sales training and support
  • Public relations

Program Design and Policy Services

The quality of the assessment program rests on a clear, complete definition of the content and skills to be measured. In an effort to help you successfully plan your program and determine whether a new assessment program is needed, we offer the following services:

  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Provide guidance on assessment policies and procedures
  • Program planning
  • Operations planning

Please contact us for more information regarding our services and “The Measurable Difference.”   We look forward to helping you with your assessment related needs.