Develop a Suite of Assessments to Accompany a Grade 1 through 6 Reading Comprehension Educational Program


Red Wings Learning

The Challenge: 

Red Wings Learning offers an innovative reading comprehension curriculum, Spotlight on Comprehension, for use in schools at the grade 1 through 6 levels.   Recognizing the importance of high quality assessment to effective instruction, Red Wings Learning asked SEG to help develop psychometrically sound assessments that can be used as part the Spotlight on Comprehension program.

The Solution: 

SEG developed an assessment plan that provided detailed specifications for the assessments which would accompany the Spotlight on Comprehension program including (1) Diagnostic assessments that can be used in the beginning of the year to identify strengths and weaknesses, (2) Benchmark assessments that can be used periodically throughout the year for benchmarking purposes, and (3) Level assessments that are used in conjunction with the completion of instructional levels within the program.  Items were developed to measure each of the Spotlight on Comprehension core reading comprehension skills.  Test forms were developed according to the test specifications.  These forms will be field tested in a new online system at schools across the country.  Using both classical and Item Response Theory, SEG will evaluate test and item performance and calibrate the bank of test items.  SEG will develop vertical scales for the use in reporting as students progress through the years.  Standards for proficiency will be established.