Develop a Universal Screener and Benchmark/Progress Monitoring Tests to Accompany a K-12 Online Curriculum System


Curriculum Advantage

The Challenge: 

Curriculum Advantage offers an innovative online curriculum, ClassWorks, for use in schools at the K-12 level. Recognizing the importance of high quality assessment to effective instruction, Curriculum Advantage asked SEG to help develop psychometrically assessment for use in the initial screening of students and ongoing benchmarking and progress assessment.

The Solution: 

SEG developed an assessment plan that provided detailed specifications for two types of assessments to accompany the ClassWorks system: 1) Universal Screeners that could be used to initially screen students and determine their instructional needs and 2) Benchmark-Progress Assessments used for the ongoing evaluation of student proficiency and progress. The test items included in the ClassWorks software for both types of assessments were field tested with a population of more than 2,000 students in k-12 schools throughout the United States. Using both classical and Item Response Theory, SEG evaluated test and item performance and calibrated the bank of test items. Multiple parallel forms were developed and standards for proficiency were established.