Update a Suite of Assessments Used as Part of an Anti-Bullying Program

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Students in the Know

The Challenge: 

Students in the Know offers an anti-bullying program for use by students in grades 4 through 8. Recognizing the importance of high quality assessment to effective instruction, SEG was asked to help develop psychometrically sound assessments that can be used as part the Bullying Academy Program. Students in the Know wanted to be sure that the schools who used their program had a reliable way to assess whether the students had learned the material after participating in the program.

The Solution: 

SEG reviewed and edited the current set of items that were used in the pre and posttests that were a part of the Bullying Academy Program. SEG then determined the content areas where additional items were needed to best cover the entire set of information included in the instructional program. SEG developed and reviewed new test questions. Field test forms were developed according to the test specifications. These forms were field tested with over 1500 students in multiple schools. Using both classical and Item Response Theory, SEG evaluated the item performance and calibrated the bank of test items. In addition, SEG analyzed timing data to investigate how quickly students were answering the items and how this related to their performance. Students in the Know implemented the new assessments as part of their Bullying Academy Program.